Hey y’all, let's talk about the REAL SERIOUS SHIT that's going down at the border. in addition to undocumented folks being deported, their US-born children are being detained in prison-like circumstances. Not only that, but the Trump administration's most recent executive order seeks not to release them to their parents, but to detain ENTIRE FAMILIES until their proceedings are finished — which means indefinitely. THIS IS HORRIBLE AND NOT OKAY. My heart aches for these families, and while I'm just one person I'd like to do as much as I can to help - and you can too!


From now until July 4 I'll be selling high-quality prints of everything you see on this site as a fundraiser for Grassroots Leadership's Texas-based Community Deportation Defense & Bond Fund, which provides financial assistance to families in the midst of deportation proceedings. These folks specifically work with undocumented women and mothers seeking asylum after coming to the US, and with deportation proceedings being so so SO messy, many of these mothers in addition to their existing crises are now having their children taken on top of everything.

If you'd like to buy prints, contact me via the form below - I'll be in touch shortly!

Nunca debemos de olvidar que ninguna persona es ilegal.

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Alternatively, If you'd like to donate to the cause directly, you can do so at this link.