Virality in Static Art: Sick Fisher

This is Nick Fisher.

Nick Fisher, alias Sick Fisher, is a Chicago street artist and painter. His distinct art style plasters the walls of tons of music and arts hotspots in the city, such as Bric-a-Brac Records, the Observatory Gallery and Bite Cafe. In his free time, Fisher repurposes his leftover materials to create smaller pieces - which he hides around town for his fans to find.

I’d never heard of Fisher until last night. My roommate, also a local painter, told me Fisher had hidden a piece of art in the park near our house. Despite it being far past sundown, two of my housemates and I headed out to Humboldt Park in the dark to scour the park for Fisher’s artwork. After nearly two hours trolling through the park, we found Fisher’s painting buried deep within one particular thicket.

 Hey, that's me!

Hey, that's me!

Because Fisher’s art is primarily physical rather than digital, its initial reach is very limited. Typically, it’s tough transposing physical art into interactive content — but Fisher does it flawlessly! By turning his art into a scavenger hunt and advertising it on social media, dispensing clues via Facebook and Instagram, he hyped his art and grew his audience in the same breath.

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