DACA fundraiser faq

How does this work?
Submit an order form, and I'll contact you personally via E-mail to confirm your order and coordinate payment and shipping (if applicable). I accept Venmo, Square, Paypal and cash.

When will I get my order?
Everything will be printed on October 1, the day after the fundraiser ends. If you live in Chicago, we can coordinate pick-up or I can deliver to you personally - whichever is most convenient for you!

I don't live in Chicago - can I still buy prints?
Of course! Let me know that you need it delivered and I'll add shipping costs onto your total bill. However, please note that shipping costs do not contribute to the fundraiser.

How much money is going toward DACA sponsorship?
Approximately half - the price of each print is twice what it costs to print.

Are you keeping any of the profit?
NOPE. Everything left after printing goes toward DACA sponsorship.

Can I donate more to the cause?
Yes, and please do if you're able! You can donate directly at this link, or if you wanna throw me a few extra bucks, anything beyond the print price will be donated toward UndocuMedia's fund as well.

There's a poster I want that isn't on your website - can I still buy it?
Absolutely! I've got every poster I've ever made saved on a hard drive. If it's not on the site, describe it in the order form and I'll dig it up for you.

Hey, I don't think it's cool to use current issues to promote your art.
I agree entirely. However, this website primarily serves as my personal portfolio, so this fundraiser is directed toward those who already follow and intend to buy my work. UndocuMedia doesn't lose any web impressions or revenue from my fundraiser, but rather gains it through my existing audience.

Your work sucks. Can I sponsor DACA recipients without buying from you?
Go for it. Here's the link.