sparknotes (Multimedia)

Copywriter: Melanie Duong


Tagline: Just the gist.

Nearly everyone needs a little help getting through their required reading. Or a lot. Or a reason not to read at all. This multimedia campaign was born out of a desire not only to promote readership (or lack thereof), but to bring the brand to life for generations raised on the Internet.

Print ads: Gatsby, Mice & Men, Fahrenheit









































In-Store: Booksleeves

Novels with Sparknotes companions will be fitted with booksleeves featuring the logo on the outside and a one-line summary on the inside.






Web: Netflix

A special section will appear on Netflix for books based on movies. The description of each will feature the gist of the plot rather than a cliffhanger summary.



Web: Google Chrome Extension

Websites like Upworthy generate most of their clicks with cliffhanger headlines. By activating the Just the Gist Chrome extension, users can hover over clickable headlines on any major news website to receive a one-line summary of the article.



Out-Of-Home: Museum Banners

Museum banners in major cities will be fitted with Sparknotes footers stating an expected takeaway of the featured exhibits.